Class 4 (Year 4)


2017 - 2018

Welcome to Year 4 at Wakefield Methodist (VC) Junior, Infant and Nursery School.

Miss McMullan is the class teacher (until she goes on Maternity Leave after October half term) and she is supported by Mrs Brain and Mrs Smith every morning.

During our exciting activities in Class 4 children learn to become more independent learners to equip them with the skills they will need as they progress through Key Stage 2. We work very hard in Class 4 but we do also have a lot of fun! 

There are lots of opportunities in Class 4 to learn in many different ways, for example; class debates, drama, role play and hands on activities. We enjoy learning through a topic based approach and have a different topic theme every term. Where possible, we will weave learning opportunities together, across all subjects within a themed context.  Maths is harder to weave in, so every couple of weeks we have maths challenges/problems that link to our theme. Our immersive classroom environment stimulates and supports high quality learning.  Each topic starts with a hook to grab the children’s interest and really motivate them to find out more.  At the end of each topic, children will celebrate their learning in the form of a creative event which could be an assembly, a play/performance, a hands on activity, or a celebration with parents. Look at our Year 4 Project Overview to get a flavour of what we are getting up to this term. 

Looking ahead to the Summer Term of Year 4 we have the opportunity to participate in our school residential experience to Abbey House in Whitby.

Keep an eye on this page to see pictures of Class 4 at work. 

Teachers & Assistants:

Miss K McMullan
Miss K McMullan
Mrs Wright-MrCormick
Mrs Wright-MrCormick
Miss R Riley Miss R Riley
Mrs D Brain Mrs D Brain

“This is a Good School”